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Feb 18 –   9:00-12:00, 12:00-3:00
Planting and Adaptive Management

March 4 –  1:00-4:00
Planting and Adaptive Management

March 26 – 1:00-4:00
Adaptive Management and Mulching

April 23 – 1:00-4:00
Adaptive Management and Mulching

May 6 – 9:00-1:00
Adaptive Management and Mulching


Bushy Lake Restoration

Please join us on September 23rd for this important event & guided walks!

Bushy Lake sits between the American River and Cal Expo. Despite being damaged in wildfires, the area is home to a number of native species, including western pond turtles, denning river otters, and many different kinds of birds. Through a contract with the Sacramento County Parks Department, Sacramento State professor Michelle Stevens and the University’s Department of Environmental Studies has initiated the Bushy Lake Restoration and Environmental Education Project. The wide-ranging project includes the restoration of both wetland and riparian habitat, ecological monitoring, and an important environmental education program. The partnership has produced and will make available to the public leaflets, brochures and trail guides that focus on the unique attributes of Bushy Lake and the Lower American River. The leaflets will allow teachers, citizen scientists, and outdoor enthusiasts the ability to see and better understand Sacramento’s natural resources.

Topics include

  • Restoration Ecology & Fire Resilient Landscapes
  • Ethnobotany
  • Special Animals Water Education
  • Wetlands Aquatic Life
  • Climate Change & Carbon Sequestration in Soils Water Budget

Unveiling Event Details

Who: Public officials, Sacramento State faculty and students, American River Parkway
stakeholders, environmental educators and nature lovers
What: Unveiling of education material and environmental education expo
When: Friday September 23, 2016, 9:00 am press event, guided tours all morning until noon
Where: Bushy Lake, located in the American River Parkway, behind Cal Expo Gate 12, enter at
the end of Ethan Way
RSVP: cflowers@csus.edu or (916) 454-9067

Representatives from a number of other environmental education and American River conservation organizations will also be on hand to share with the public their efforts to protect and preserve the Lower American River. Light refreshments will be provided. Environmental groups are invited to set up a booth to showcase their commitment to environmental stewardship. Please contact Christine Flowers (cflowers@csus.edu or 916-454-9067) by September 14th for more information and to reserve space.