Restoration Ecology and Fire Resilient Landscapes.

Restoration goals are to create a sustainable wetland with fire-resilient native understory vegetation for environmental education and citizen science.
(Developed by Michelle Stevens)

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Ethnobotany of the Bushy Lake/Cal Expo Area

Culturally significant plants and animals In the area will be identified, and their cultural uses, traditional knowledge systems and traditional resource management described.
(Developed by Sage LaPena)

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Special Animals In the Bushy Lake/Cal Expo Area

A comprehensive species list of birds using the Bushy Lake area, nests and confirmed breeding habitat will be noted. Conservation biology of sensitive species will be included
(Developed by Kayla Henry and Michelle Stevens)


Water Education

Focuses on Bushy Lake’s role in the regional waterscape including riverine interactions (both groundwater and surface water flows), and urban hydrology (storm water runoff from adjacent neighborhoods). Water quality aspects of these interactions will also be addressed, promoting scientific understanding and stewardship.
(Developed by Julian Fulton)


Wonderful Wetlands at Cal Expo/Busby Lake

Wetlands and riparian areas provide essential habitat corridors in the Sacramento landscape. Wetland functions and services include biodiversity, water quality improvement, flood abatement, cultural resources, and recreational and educational opportunities (Costanza et al. 1997).
(Developed by Michelle Stevens)

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Aquatic Life at Cal Expo/Busby Lake

Information about the diversity and ecology of aquatic invertebrates, their different roles in the food web and environment, and changes that occur over the course of a year. Materials will be developed that use scientific method to understand the importance of aquatic invertebrates in the environment.
(Developed by Jamie Kneitel)


Climate Change and Carbon Sequestration In Soils at Cal Expo Bushy/Lake

Soil sequester carbon, providing a carbon sink to offset climate change. Restoring vegetation and mulch to disturbed soils at Bushy Lake is a management option that net C storage in soils.
(Developed by Andrew Margenot and Michelle Stevens)

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Water Budget at Cal Expo/ Bushy Lake

How rainfall and runoff feeds Bushy Lake, maintaining its riparian and aquatic vegetation. Graphics will illustrate water imports and exports including rainfall, evapotranspiration, runoff from city streets, interactions with the water table, infiltration and contributions from the American River. The water budget will show the effects of floods, droughts and seasonal changes at the site. (Developed by Tim Homer)

Full downloadable version coming soon